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The Iranian Studies Group has joined the U.S. Census Bureau’s Partnership Program in order to promote the Census in the Iranian/Persian Community.

In 2010, the U.S. census will define different dimensions of the American nation. Taken every 10 years, the census affects political representation and directs the allocation of billions of dollars in government funding. As a 2010 Census partner, organizations can educate their community about the importance of participating in this historic event and help ensure no one is left uncounted. For more information about 2010 Census click here.

According to the previous Census in 2000, the population of Iranian-American community is about 390,000 (click here for more info). Many believe that this is an underestimate. Therefore, in order to obtain an accurate estimate, a greater participation of Iranian-American community is required.

Other Iranian-American organization partnered with 2010 Census:

Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans PAAIA

The National Iranian American Council NIAC

April 11, 2009