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Iranian Studies Group at MIT invites you to take part in our second research survey, focusing on Iranian skilled individuals migration, the so called "brain drain" phenomenon.

In 2004, we published a report based on our analysis of US census data on the socio-economic status of Iranian-Americans. Following that study, we conducted an opinion survey to learn more about the characteristics of Iranians in the U.S., the results of which are reported in multiple publications available at our website:

Now, we invite you to contribute to global Iranian community by taking part in this new survey. It studies what factors affect return or non-return of Iranian skilled individuals who have migrated from Iran.

Please fill out this survey if you are:

a) a student of Iranian descent studying abroad at the undergraduate and graduate levels and you have completed at least your high school degree in Iran.


b) an Iranian descendant holding an academic degree, employed in a country outside Iran and have completed at least your high school degree in Iran.

Please follow the link below and fill out the survey. It is anonymous, takes less than 15 minutes, and is a valuable source of information for improving the understanding about our community:

Please help us by spreading the word among your friends and family members outside of Iran.

February 3, 2008