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● About the Survey

The MIT ISG Iranian-American Community Survey 2005 is an online survey on the social characteristics of the Iranian-American population, and tries to understand the different aspects of the community, including family Characteristics, inter-community and intra-community Interactions, cultural affinities, emotional ties to the homeland, and assimilation in the United States.

The need for such a survey came from the realization that the needs, concerns and nature of the Iranian-American community cannot be understood merely by looking at census data or related information. Community leaders have long realized that despite a history of success stories of Iranian-American individuals, and the high educational and economic status the community has been less cohesive than many other ethnic groups in the U.S. Parsinejad there seems to be a serious shortage of understanding of the Iranian-American community?s needs and concerns. A similar survey was held in the summer of 2004 by a group of Iranian-American organizations with BAI Voters Association taking the lead, focusing in civic participation. By sharing our survey information and resources with other Iranian-American organizations and individuals, we hope to get a better picture of the needs of our community.

Tens of Iranian-American organizations were consulted for designing the survey, and many academics and community leaders provided feedbacks on its development and design. The survey is to be carried out between January-March 2005, and is scheduled to be repeated annually, to enable the tracking of changes in the community over time. The ISG is looking to reach out to as many Iranian-Americans as possible to fill out the survey. We hope to spread the word to every possible member of the Iranian-American community, to provide us with their input on their needs and concerns. Every additional response will help us construct a better picture of the needs and views of the Iranian-American community. We urge all Iranian-Americans to forward this to as many of their Iranian-American relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances as possible.

The survey is a follow-up on a series of reports released in February 2004 on the socioeconomic characteristics of the Iranian-American community, which received nation-wide coverage, and was widely publicized within the community.

● Survey Project Team

Farzan Parsinejad (Project Manager), Ph.D. Candidate, Northeastern University
Ali Mostashari, Ph.D. Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yasmin Sanay-Haie, Sophomore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sheeva Rajaei, Undergraduate Student, University of Pennsylvania

● Public Relations Support Team

Hazhir Rahmandad
Mohammad Hafezi
Nima Saeedi
Vida Salahi
Sara Sarkhili

● Iranian-American Community Survey Advisory Group

The Iranian Studies Group at MIT wishes to express its gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for providing feedback on the survey.

Ms. Noosheen Hashemi, Founder and President, HAND Foundation
Dr. Akbar Mahdi, Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University
Mr. Darr Hashempour, Community Activist
Dr. Mohammad Ala, Community Activist, Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Dr. Mohammad Navab, Community Activist, Professor, University of California-Los Angeles
Ms. Dokhi Fassihian, National Iranian-American Council
Mr. Hossein Hosseini, Community Activist, NIPOC
Mr. Behrooz Vakili, Community Activist
Mr. Shahriar Afshar, Community Activist
Frances Nedjat Haiem, University of Southern California
Dr. David Rahni, Community Activist, Professor, Pace University
Mr. Alireza Taghi, Community Activist
Society for Promotion of Persian Culture, Indiana

● Results of the Community Survey

You can see Summary Results of the MIT ISG Iranian-American Community Survey - 2005; at

● File(s) to Download

Download the PowerPoint Presentation of the MIT ISG Iranian-American Community Survey (2.8 MB)

What Defines Iranian Americans: Child Education Patterns