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● About the project

Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) in partnership with Iran Studies Group (ISG), is creating a Resource Guide which will provide information for secondgeneration Iranians for collaboration opportunities in Iran. This resource guide aims at bringing together second-generation Iranians who have grown up in the diaspora, and Iranian institutions, such as companies, schools, and NGOs, to join in collaborative work during the visits of young second-generation Iranians. This project benefits both sides by enriching the experience of second-generation Iranians during their temporary stays in Iran and providing institutions with the fresh perspective and distinct skills of these Iranians with very little costs.

● How this project benefits both sides?

The idea for this project arose out of a need expressed by second-generation Iranians in the diaspora (hereinafter called “participants”) for information about organizations/companies in Iran where they could find internship and/or volunteer opportunities. Many individuals in the participant group visit Iran regularly, especially during the summers, and have time, energy, and motivation to get involved in some type of voluntary activity or internship. However, they lack the resources and connections to accommodate such activities. The goal of our project is to provide the basic resources and guidelines (through a website) and the network (through partnerships with interested institutions) to enable such collaborations. This project creates many valuable and lasting relationships that benefit both the participants and the institutions involved.
\For the participants it allows:
• Second-generation Iranians in the diaspora to become better acquainted with Iran, its culture, language, and society
• Gain experience on how a certain organization/company functions in Iran
• Contribute to some positive activity, while learning new skills and abilities
• Strengthen their bonds with Iran and make new friendships
For the participating institutions the collaboration allows for:
• Transfer of knowledge of the intern/volunteer in new domains
• Help on editing translated documents for the organization/company and getting translation tasks done
• Connecting the Iranian organization/company to similar companies abroad
• Bringing new ideas and fresh energy into the organization and expanding the creative horizons of the organization

● How to get involved?

Our resource guide aims at enabling these collaborations by finding institutions and participants who are interested in working with each other and connecting them. For an institution, it is a very straight-forward process to get involved, and it has no cost: we gather the information listed below and include it in our resource guide and website. The institution will then be contacted by interested candidates and can choose among them. The information needed includes:
• Brief description of what the institution does and its goals
• Contact information for the institution
• If it is currently looking for an intern/volunteer, and if so, what work will s/he be doing?
• How the intern/volunteer should apply for the position?

If your organization, or an institution you know of, is potentially interested to join this effort, please check our website to fill in your information.