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Lecture Series
● ISG's Past Lecture :
Speaker: Haleh Anvari
Date & time: Sunday August 12, 2007 - 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: MIT Room 2-105

This performances will examine the ways in which Iranian women are represented both in the West and in Iran, focusing on the icon of the chador.

Haleh Anvari recontextualizes the chador. Instead of the cliche black, voiceless, monolithic piece of cloth, Haleh's photographs show colorful chadors full of movement. She not only plays with our understanding of this piece of cloth and the women who wear it, but she also juxtaposes it with the topless, size zero model on the cover of Elle magazine, calling into question cloth in its role in the objectification of women. The black chador has become the preferred icon of the Western media and the Islamic Republic of Iran: "Both camps use me as the icon for the clash of civilizations. One wants to protect my soul, the other wants to rescue you see me in my total blackness on books and magazines. I sell copy, I sell an idea, and in the folds of my black chador I sell in one place two violently opposed ideologies which are set on an ugly collision course."

Haleh Anvari received a joint BA in Politics and Philosophy with honors from the University of Keele, Staffordshire, UK in1985. Her recent solo exhibitions included Al Riwaq Gallery in Bahrain and Etemad Gallery in Tehran. Group exhibitions include, Thirty years of Solitude at Cambridge University and Duomo Assicurazioni in Caserta Italy.