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Lecture Series
● ISG's Past Lecture :
Speaker: Farid Haerinejad , Nazli Kamvari
Date & time: Saturday April 15th 2006, 4:00-5:30 pm
Location: MIT Room 4-237

Blogger's war is a short documentary about Nikahang Kowsar, once Iran's famous political cartoonist and a well-known blogger. After publishing a controversial cartoon called "Professor Crocodile," which satirized a prominent Islamic cleric, Kowsar was arrested. Thousands of clerics and theological students led three days of protest in the holy city of Qom, demanding Kowsar's execution. Detained in the notorious Evin prison, Kowsar's case was handled by Saeed Mortazavi, the Chief Prosecutor of Tehran. However, due to international pressure, Kowsar was released from prison. In fear of his life, left behind his wife and young daughter and fled Iran for Canada. In Toronto, Kowsar joined a leading and internationally regarded group of politically active Iranian bloggers. They have started an online fight for free speech in Iran. It is a war with direct casualties, as bloggers who remain in Iran are constantly subject to arrest and persecution, as we see in the film.

This film explores the personal cost of freedom of speech, the revolutionary possibilities that blogging and the internet are bringing to repressive states and the cost and price of living in exile.

While Faird is going to talk about the story behind making his documentary, Nazli will discuss about Iranian expatriate bloggers and her motives to break social taboos in Iranian community.

Farid Haerinejad is a producer/editor at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His work at the CBC includes national and international programs and shows such as:
CBC News: Sunday, CBC News: The National and News World International and more.

His work includes TV documentary films, sponsored by Discovery and History channel, Channel 4 England and international.

Documentaries such as:
K19-Doomsday Submarine, Cuban Missile Crisis (Untold Story), Raising "The Kursk" (Russian Nuclear Submarine), Ocean Ranger, Moby Dick, The True Story and Lost at Sea.

Farid has 10 years experience in broadcasting and has worked for many Local and National television stations in Canada.

One of his latest work is the "Blogger's War", winner of Bronze Plaque from Christopher Columbus International Film and Video Festival Ohio.

Nazli Kamvari is the author of Sibil Tala (Golden Mustache) weblog. She lives in Toronto.