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Lecture Series
● ISG's Past Lecture :
Speaker: Dr. Ali Nayeri
Date & time: January 21, 2006
Location: MIT Room 4-231

Dr. Ali Nayeri After receiving his PhD in Theoretical Physics from IUCAA in 1999, was appointed as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Physics at MIT for 2 years and as a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT Center for Theoretical Physics for an additional year. Since then, he has been a Research Affiliate at MIT. He was also a Research Scientist and Visiting Professor at the Institute for Fundamental Theory at University of Florida. He is currently with the Harvard Physics Department in Cambridge, MA. His fields of research include Early Universe and Inflation, brane and string cosmology, Semi-Classical Theory of Gravity, and Alternative Cosmologies.

Dr. Nayeri has published numerous papers in various scientific journals in the US, UK, Netherlands and Russia. He is co-founder and current member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Studies Group at MIT, co-founder of Iranian Research Group at University of Florida and the Principle Investigator of the "Physics of Chaos and Society" project. He, along with Abbas Milani, has chaired the "Iran: Future Prospects" at Stanford since October 2004. He has appeared on a number of TV and radio programs including KRSI, VOA, BBC World Service.

(The talk is in English)